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Today’s Agenda

At today’s meeting we discussed the following topics:

  • Articulation between CC and SC
  • General Edu/transfer CUNY proposal
  • Creation of an online resource portal
  • Sharing materials and resources
  • Ebook
  • Regents/Advanced Placement Program in Italian
  • Election of Chair, and Secretary
  • Internships opportunities
  • Study Abroad
  • Organize events for Italian month (October)

We have a twitter account ! http://twitter.com/#!/ILACCalandra

The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute mailing address is:

25 West 43rd Street 17th Floor New York, N.Y. 10036

Telephone:(212) 642-2094    Fax:(212) 642-2030  Email is calandra@qc.edu

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