ILAC’s Mission

Mission and Vision of the Italian Language Advisory Council (ILAC)

Queens College of The City University of New York.

 The ILAC serves the CUNY Italian-American teaching community and seeks to offer guidance and support to all teaching staff of The City University of New York by sharing vital resources and information in this era of ever growing globalization.

The ILAC is a committee associated with The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, led by Dean Anthony Tamburri. The Chair of ILAC is elected by the committee at large and serves a two-year term that may be extended from term to term.

The committee seeks to:

  • Foster a climate of cooperation, collegiality, and exchange of teaching and research resources among colleagues.
  • Support the growth of Italian language programs at all levels of instruction within CUNY.
  • Provide training and mentorship to part-time instructors and graduate students who teach Italian.
  • Circulate information about conferences, lectures, symposiums about Italian language, culture, literature, and support scholarly academic publications.
  • Organize monthly meetings among Italianists to discuss prominent issues and make concrete policy recommendations.
  • Promote and actively work towards articulation among Italian programs within the City University of New York, especially from the Community Colleges to Senior Colleges.
  • Offer up-to-date information and document the work of the committee on the Council’s website.

 ILAC is a committee which operates under the aegis of The John. D. Calandra Institute.

Dr. Anthony Tamburri is the  Dean of the Institute

We have a twitter account !!/ILACCalandra

The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute mailing address is:

25 West 43rd Street 17th Floor New York, N.Y. 10036

Telephone:(212) 642-2094    Fax:(212) 642-2030  Email is

The overall purpose of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute is basic to the central mission of The City University of New York. Italian-Americans represent the largest European ancestral group in New York State, New York City and at CUNY. Thus, the primary purpose of the Institute is to foster higher education among Italian-Americans. This mission is carried out by:

  • Conducting and sponsoring empirical, theoretical and analytical research which will expand, deepen and strengthen critical understanding of the Italian American experience.
  • Serving as a central clearing house for the dissemination of research to academia, government, industry and the civic community.
  • Organizing conferences, lectures, seminars and symposia on the Italian American experience.
  • Operating specialized counseling programs in areas of outreach, articulation and student retention at CUNY.
  • Administering an Exchange Program between CUNY and Italian public universities.
  • Maintaining a resource library of printed material as well as videos pertaining to the Italian American experience.
  • Maintaining up-dated listings of Italian-American students and faculty at CUNY as well as faculty, academic scholars and professionals at other universities.
  • Providing a Speakers Bureau for students, faculty and community groups on topics relevant to the Italian American experience.
  • Producing and distributing a television program, informational in nature, geared to the Italian-American community.

The Calandra Institute seeks to accomplish its mission through its research unit, Career Counseling Center, Academic and Cultural Programs, outreach programs, resource library, Columbus CUNY/ITALY Exchange Program and various community projects.
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