First Post

Hello everyone, we are finally up and running ! This is the first posting of the ILAC (Italian Language Advisory Council) which is a community composed of faculty who teach Italian language, culture, and literature across The City University of New York. We function under the aegis of The John D. Calandra Institute (Queens College/CUNY) and we meet several times during the semester to discuss issues related to our discipline.

We will be posting more information and resources in the following months. Please follow us and feel free to comment on our postings.

Ciao e alla riscossa ! (as Dean Tamburri would say !)

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5 Responses to First Post

  1. I am working on it right now (Mon. April 11)

  2. Grazie, credo che ne verra’ fuori una bella cosa !

  3. Anthony Tamburri says:

    Nice going, Giulia! We can even post the minutes here. Fabio, che ne dici?

  4. Giulia!
    This is great. Thank you for inviting me.

  5. Welcome ! I hope to read more about your initiatives.

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